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S3 Tools


Description: copy between bucket-disc, bucket-bucket, disc-bucket


  1. copy all data from one bucket to another

  2. copy all data from a bucket to a disc

  3. copy data on a disk to a bucket

Command: s3cp

Argument: choices: bucket2bucket | bucket2disk | disk2bucket
Argument: source-bucket example: tocco-nice-master
Argument: target-bucket example: tocco-nice-test222


Description: delete everything in a s3 bucket

Command: s3rm

Argument: s3-bucket example: tocco-nice-test222
Argument: --force


Description: Handling for correct alignment between the nice-overlay and the bucket.

Command: n2s3fsck

Argument: --no-password, don't ask for a password
Argument( --show-missing-on-db
Argument( bucket, main bucket
Argument( --overlay, overlay bucket
Argument( database``database to process
Argument( ``--user,database user
Argument( --host,database host
Argument( --port, database port
Argument( --s3_cfg, S3cmd config file to use'
Argument( --force
Argument( --delete-unused-objects-from-bucket, delete all objects from the bucket which are not used in the database
Argument( --copy-from-overlay-2-main-bucket, copy missing objects from the overlay bucket to the main bucket