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How to setup Incamail

1. Licence / install the Module

Licence the module as needed and install it by adding the optional/incamail dependency to your customer project.


implementation project(':optional:incamail')

requires nice.optional.incamail;

2. Set

In config.yml, add the following for production only:

    env: !merge false

See also Ansible: Properties and Env. Vars.


If it is desired to leave dev mode enabled during the pilot phase, add the property commented out and add a comment that it should be commented in when going live.


If is enabled (default) the mails will not be sent. They will only be saved as E-Mail archive entries!

Incamail WSDL Locations as of 2021-12-01.

3. Add incamail account(s) to tocco


All incamail accounts to be used in tocco, must be licenced / enabled for “Enterprise Application Integration” / “IncaMail for business software”.

In tocco backoffice navigate to IncaMail account / “IncaMail-Konto” and add all administrator managed IncaMail accounts. To add an IncaMail account the e-mail address and password are required.


These administrator managed IncaMail accounts have to be assigned to tocco principals:


To add a personal incamail account the respective user can navigate to his own principal (detail page) and add it using the action “Link personal IncaMail account” / “Persönliches IncaMail-Konto verknüpfen”.


4. Use incamail

If everything was setup correctly, you should be able to send IncaMails using the standard E-mail action. To do so select provider IncaMail. After selecting the provider, there should be a sender dropdown with all IncaMail eligible accounts for your principal.