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Scripts (Postgres)


Name of Scripts : n2sql-on-all-dbs
Location: installed on all DB servers (via Ansible)
Description : Execute SQL across multiple databases


  • execute given SQL on all Nice databases:

    n2sql-on-all-dbs 'SELECT count(*) from _nice_binary'
  • execute sql in file query.sql on all Nice databases``:

    n2sql-on-all-dbs -f query.sql

You can limit on what database it is executed via -d REGEX:

  • execute on all test systems (name ends with test) -d '.*test$'

  • execute on all but test systems (name doesn’t end with test) -D '.*test$'


Use n2sql-on-all-dbs --help for all available options and more examples.


Name of Scripts : n2change-db-owner
Location: installed on all DB servers
Description : Change owner of DATABASE including all tables, sequences and large objects.

Command: n2change-db-owner



Name of Scripts : n2passwd
Location: installed on all DB servers
Description :

Command: n2passwd

Postgres Connection Options:
-U, --dbuser=DBUSER
    Database user (e.g. 'postgres')

-h, --host=DBHOST
    Database host (e.g. '')

-p, --port=DBPORT
    Database port (defaults to 5432)

-w, --no-password
    Do not ask for a database password.

Nice2 Options
-u, --user=NICE2USER
    Nice2 user whose password is changed (defaults to 'tocco').

-a, --all
    Change password on all databases on the database host, not just the ones given as DATABASE

-b, --unblock-only
    Only unblock account, do not change password

Debug Options:
    Do not commit changes to the database, rollback instead.

    Show data manipulation statements as they are executed.

 Change password for user 'developer' on database 'nice_master' (also unblocks account):
      /usr/local/bin/n2passwd -u developer nice_master

 Change password for user 'tocco' on all databases (also unblocks account):
      /usr/local/bin/n2passwd --all

 Unblock account 'pege' on database 'nice_arge':
      /usr/local/bin/n2passwd --unblock-only -u pege nice_arge