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DITA manual and specification

Heretto CMS (since Nice v3.3)

To create Tocco manuals and specifications several repositories are needed.


In contrast to the old manual, the content sources aren’t kept in a Git repository anymore. Now, they’re managed in a DITA CMS:

Plugins and Templates

To generate PDF and HTML artifacts from the DITA sources in the CMS, some plugins and templates are needed. Here’s a list of the repositories containing those plugins and templates. Check the in those repositories for further information.




The template for the PDF artifacts.


DITA OT plugin for the HTML artifacts.


Both the PDF and HTML documents are published via the repository docs-publish. Check the there for futher information.

Source in own repository and DITAC conversion (until Nice v3.2)

To create Tocco manuals and specifications two repositories are needed.


Repository nice2_documentation contains content.


Repository nice2_documentation_build contains everything to convert and build.

Check in nice2_documentation_build for further information.