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Maintenance Page


The script is hosted as a gitlab repository and be available under

The customer themes are hosted as a separated gitlab repository . The default branch is the fallback if no customer branch exists.


Initially clone the repository (git clone and move to the created directory (e.g. cd somewhere/maintenance-page).

  1. Login oc login

  2. Go to the project where the maintenance page should be deployed (e.g. oc project nice-master)

  3. Enable maintenance page ./mntnc start [-c tocco] [-t "24.12.2020 6:00"] [-r 1]

The following optional arguments are supported:

  • -c/--customer: branch picked of repository where the customer theme is defined. If no argument is passed or the branch does not exist the default branch is taken.

  • -t/--till: date/time until the application is unavailable If the argument is present, the message is Please try again on [date/time]. Else the more generic message Please try again later. is shown.

  • -r/--replicas: number of replicas deployed (default: 1)

  1. Disable/enable bypass as needed via

  2. Disable maintenance page ./mntnc stop


If a customer wants a custom theme, a new git branch should be created.

The index.html file should meet the following requirements:

  • the no robot tag should be present (<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">)

  • The placeholders {{{TEXT_DE}}}, {{{TEXT_EN}}}, {{{TEXT_FR}}} and {{{TEXT_IT}}} should be used somewhere in the body. The are generated by the mntnc command.