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Solr Web Interface

Connecting to the Web Interface (Manged Server)

This section describes how to access the Solr web interface, if Solr is running on a managed server. This is the case when the solr URL is https://*…:

$ oc set env --list dc/nice | grep ^NICE2_APP_nice2.enterprisesearch.solrUrl=
  1. Create local SOCKS proxy

    ssh -D 3333 ${host_name}

    ${host_name} is the host name that appeared in the URL of the output of the command above. In the example above, it is

  2. Configure Socks in Firefox

    1. enter about:preferences in URL bar

    2. find Network ProxySettings…

    3. select Manual proxy configuration

    4. enter localhost as SOCKS Host and 3333 as Port

    5. check Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5

  3. Obtain the password

    Use the password of user tocco that you can find in the file infrastructure/solr.yml within VSHN’s hieradata Git repository.

  4. Login

    Visit https://${host_name}:8983 in the browser.


    Solr’s web interface

  5. Undo the proxy settings in Firefox