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Nginx Configuration

This document describes the available configuration for the Docker image used on OpenShift.

Log Levels

The env. variable NGINX_LOG_LEVEL allows picking from three levels:




Some requests are not logged like request fonts, css, icons, etc. Failed requests (=code >=300) are logged unconditionally.


All requests but requests to status pages are logged.


All requests are logged.

Custom HTTP Headers

Custom HTTP headers can be configured using NGINX_HEADER_* env. variables.

Set header for responses with 2XX status codes:

NGINX_HEADER_Content-Security-Policy="default-src 'none'; block-all-mixed-content; connect-src 'self'"

This creates a header called Content-Security-Policy with the value default-src 'none'; block-all-mixed-content; connect-src 'self'

Set header on all responses regardless of status code:

oc set env -c nginx dc/nice NGINX_ALWAYS_HEADER_Strict-Transport-Security='max-age=62208000'

This creates a header called Strict-Transport-Security with the value max-age=62208000.