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Remove Installation/Customer

Remove OpenShift Project, S3 Bucket, Database, Etc.

  1. Schedule downtime on

    (Removing monitoring can take up to 30 minutes and we don’t want alerts to be sent out during this time.)

  2. Add state: absent to all installations to be removed:

    # ...
      # ...
          state: absent                         # <-- remove this installation
          state: absent                         # <-- remove this installation
    # ...
  3. Remove installation(s)

    There are two options available:

    1. Remove installation but leave DBs and S3 bucket intact:

      cd ${GIT_ROOT}/tocco
      ansible-playbook playbook.yml -l abc,abctest
    2. Remove everything, including DBs and S3 bucket:

      cd ${GIT_ROOT}/tocco
      ansible-playbook playbook.yml -t all,force-irrevocable-removal -l abc,abctest

    Note about S3 buckets:

    An S3 bucket may be used by multiple installations and it won’t be removed unless all remaining users (i.e. installations) are marked with state: absent.


    Do a dry run using --check if you want to know what would be removed without actually removing anything.

Remove Installation from Inventory

Remove the installation and possibly customer from config.yml and commit the change.

Remove DNS Entry

Go to and remove the DNS record for ${installation} and any other records associated with the installation.

Username/Password in secrets2.yml.

Update information in BO

  • Set the installation status to “Veraltet”

  • Set the customer module that is linked to the installation to “Veraltet” if all associated installations are obsolete.

    TQL finding all customers with only obsolete installations:

    relModule_status.unique_id != "outdated"
      and relModule_type.unique_id == "customer_module"
      and exists(relInstallation)
      and not exists(relInstallation where relInstallation_status.unique_id != "obsolete")

Remove Customer Module from Nice2 Repo

Delete the customer’s module from the Nice2 Git repository if there are no other installations that require it.

  1. Remove include 'customer:${CUSTOMER}' from settings.gradle.

  2. Remove directory customer/${CUSTOMER}/.