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At release


  • Set status of new release to active

  • Set status of versions older than 6 versions to outdated

  • Check on all installations if ${NEW_VERSION} is set

Store entity model snapshot on SharePoint

On the release date (not when the release branch is created), the current entity model snapshot should be obtained from the test system of the new version and stored on our SharePoint.

  1. Get the JSON snapshot from: https://test${VERSION}

  2. Save it as JSON file and put it into the corresponding release directory on our share point. The file should be called Entity_Model_${VERSION}.json.

Compare two snapshots to view changes

To view the differences between two model snapshots any text or JSON diffing tool can be used. However, keep in mind that the snapshot files can be quite big and that some tools might not be able to cope with that.

One tool that works quite well is Meld. Meld is free to use and available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Steps to compare two files using Meld:

  1. Get Meld from

  2. Open Meld and press the button File comparison

  3. Don’t select the snapshot files yet (leave the file selection fields empty with the placeholder “(None)”) and press Compare.


    The reason for leaving the file selection fields empty is that Meld isn’t able to detect the encoding correctly if the files are selected already here.

  4. Select the old and the new snapshot file at the top of the two columns. Note that it can take two minutes or so to load the files in Meld (loading state indicated by loading icon in the top right corner).

  5. Once both files are loaded, the differences are highlighted and can be spotted easily. Use the arrow buttons to navigate between the differences.