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We use Drools in the educationrequirement module to implementing requirement rules. Requirement rules are defined in the Requirement_rule entity. These are generally things like age verification, presence checks or verifying a student has attended all mandatory modules of a course. A few base rules used to set the final status can be found in the ConclusionRules.drl file.


a rough overview how we build our knowledge base and start the evaluation


A summary for the available facts in the educationrequirement context. See the integration handbook for detailed documentation.


This used to work with entities in Drools. It’s possible to access the values of the entity and to resolve to other entities. An EntityFact of the Requirement being evaluated, the Schooling or Registration where the evaluation was started and the User they belong to will always be inserted into the knowledge base at the start.


A summary for the available utility classes in the educationrequirement Drools context. See the integration handbook for detailed documentation.


This class can be used to find entities not yet in the knowledge base, create EntityFacts for them and inserting them. It is always available in all rules as entities.


This class is used to set the status of the Requirement that is being evaluated. Additional reasons for the for the activation of this rule can be passed to it through the addReason method and the Reason class.