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Continuous Delivery (CD)

Teamcity Project “Continuous Delivery NG”

The Continuous Delivery project is the entry point to CD.


Continuous delivery project on TC’s main page

Deliver (Simple)


Use Deliver (Advanced) if you need to deploy …
  1. … a test system with a custom Git branch, tag or commit

  2. … you want to enable (default for prod) or disable (default for test) DB dumps


Run menu

  1. Click on Run in the main page

  2. (optional) adjust the dump mode in the run menu

  3. Click Run Build in the run menu

Deliver (Advanced)


Full Parameters menu as shown when opening via ellipsis (…)


Changes tab in Run menu

  1. Click on Run in the main page.

  2. (optional) Adjust the dump mode in the run menu.

  3. (optional) Select a particular Git tag or branch or deploy a particular Docker image.

  4. (optional) Select a particular commit in branch/tag using field “Includes changes”.

  5. Click Run Build in the run menu.

Dump Mode


Dump Mode dropdown on Parameters tab in Run menu

do not dump database

Deploy without creating a dump first (default for test systems.)

dump database

Create a dump and only then deploy (default for production systems.)

Deploy a Specific Git Branch, Tag or Commit


Build branch dropdown on Changes tab in Run menu

Build branch allows you to specify to deploy an arbitrary Git branch or tag.


There might be a situation where you want to deploy a tag directly on production. In that case remove the CD parameter “DOCKER_PULL_URL”. See deploy a Specific Docker Image.