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Routes / Ingresses / Hostnames

Show Ingresses

$ oc get ingress
NAME                       CLASS    HOSTS                 ADDRESS                                  PORTS     AGE
nice                       <none>   80, 443   100d   <none>   80, 443   100d      <none>   80, 443   100d     <none>   80, 443   100d              <none>       80, 443   100d          <none>   80, 443   100d

SSL Certificates



This is deprecated for use with Tocco but may still be used to enable SSL for other applications.

To setup SSL for Tocco see Add Route / Endpoint.

SSL certificates are issued automatically for ingresses with an appropriate annotation.

  1. Configure DNS

  2. Obtain the name of the ingress (${INGRESS}):

    oc get ingress
  3. Add the annotation:

    oc annotate ingress/${INGRESS}



Expect certificate issuance to take up to 15 minutes.

Check for missing TLS certificates in the OpenShift project:

$ oc project nice-${INSTALLATION}
$ oc get certificates
NAME                      READY   SECRET                    AGE   True   100d      True      100d     True     100d              True              100d        True        100d          True          100d

Note the READY column.

Show issuance details:

$ oc get certificate ${CERTIFICATE_NAME}
    Last Transition Time:  2022-07-22T05:24:39Z
    Message:               Certificate is up to date and has not expired
    Observed Generation:   2
    Reason:                Ready
    Status:                True
    Type:                  Ready
  Not After:               2022-10-20T04:24:37Z
  Not Before:              2022-07-22T04:24:38Z
  Renewal Time:            2022-09-20T04:24:37Z
  Revision:                1
  Type    Reason     Age   From                                       Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----                                       -------
  Normal  Issuing    137m  cert-manager-certificates-trigger          Issuing certificate as Secret does not exist
  Normal  Generated  137m  cert-manager-certificates-key-manager      Stored new private key in temporary Secret resource ""
  Normal  Requested  137m  cert-manager-certificates-request-manager  Created new CertificateRequest resource ""
  Normal  Issuing    137m  cert-manager-certificates-issuing          The certificate has been successfully issued

Issuance status and possible issues should be listed in the Status/Events sections.

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