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Service Accounts

Beside the normal user accounts that are used to login interactively with the openshift client, openshift provides service accounts. With a service accounts you can login interactively as well, but as the name says, this accounts are rather used by services than people.

What Do We Need Service Accounts For?

When we do a deployment with teamcity we have to run certain openshift commands like: ‘oc get’ or ‘oc rollout’. These commands have to be executed by an account. That no one has to be logged in all the time with his own account, we use service accounts. With this type of account we just have to login once and the session will stay.

How To Create A Service Account

In openshift you can only create service accounts bound to a project and not to the whole cluster. First this seems to be a little bit weird, and yes it is. So it is common sense to create on project just for service accounts. You can easily give permissions for other projects to the service account. The syntax to create an account is very easy, but be sure that you are in the right project.

$ oc create sa teamcity

$ oc get sa


  builder    2         57d
  default    2         57d
  deployer   2         57d
  teamcity   2         2S

An example for granting permission to a service account, namely for the teamcity account, can be found in the Ansible Repository.

Login With A Service Account

The login with a service account isn’t the common style with username and password. The credentials are replaced with a token. So you only need the token to login. The challenge here is to find the token, but don’t worry we documented it for you.

$ oc project serviceaccounts
$ oc get sa

$ oc describe sa teamcity

Name:           teamcity
Namespace:      serviceaccounts
Labels:         <none>
Annotations:    <none>

Image pull secrets:     teamcity-dockercfg-9mvt0

Mountable secrets:      teamcity-token-fz73r

Tokens:                 teamcity-token-fz73r
$ oc describe secret teamcity-token-fz73r

Name:           teamcity-token-fz73r
Namespace:      serviceaccounts
Labels:         <none>


namespace:      20 bytes
service-ca.crt: 2235 bytes
token:          token
ca.crt:         1066 bytes
oc login --token= token