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Customer widgets or actions (dynamic actions)

  • Customer widgets are widgets that are only available for specific customer(s).

  • Customer actions are custom actions that are only available for specific customer(s). Therefore the action itself is not bundled into the admin or any widget.

    • These actions are called dynamic actions because they get loaded on runtime dependent on the current customer.

    • A customer action, which is only available inside a customer widget, does not have to be implemented via dynamic action and can be added to the customer widget directly.

The widget or action itself can be implemented as any other custom widget/action.


A customer widget should not be added to the tocco-widget-bundle.

A dynamic action should not be added to the tocco-admin.

Folder structure

Each customer should have its own folder inside customers with subfolder such as:

  • bundles

  • actions

  • widgets

The folder name of the customer itself should have the same name as the customers folder name in nice2.


  • packages

    • customers

      • <customer>

        • bundles

        • actions

        • widgets

Customer bundle

Each customer has its own bundles (usually one: <customer>-bundle). All customer actions and widgets should be added to this bundle. The bundle will be publish and added as a dependency in the customers package.json in nice2 so that it gets deployed on the customers tocco instance.

Bundle Package

If there is no existing bundle package for the customer it can be created with plop

yarn plop Bundle-Package

The name of the bundle package should always be like <customer>-bundle.


CKEditor error handling

When the bundle does not include the CKEditor code the CKEditorWebpackPlugin has to be removed from the webpack config.

Following compile error is an indication for this situation:

HookWebpackError: No file was matching the `translationsOutputFile` option.

To remove the plugin adjust the /build/webpack.js file in your bundle package and add the removeCKEditor helper function:

import {adjustConfigForBundles, removeCKEditor} from '../../../../../../build/lib/webpack'

export const adjustConfig = (webpackConfig, ...args) => adjustConfigForBundles(removeCKEditor(webpackConfig), ...args)

Add bundle to customers dependencies

Add customer/<customer>/resources/resources/webapp/package.json (if customer is on nice version 3.5 set nice35 as <version>):

  "dependencies": {
    "tocco-<customer>-bundle": "<version>",

Add action/widget to bundle

The action/widget should be added to the customers bundle via plop.

yarn plop Bundle app

Dynamic action

A dynamic action gets loaded on runtime via nice2/rest/client/actionPackages endpoint.

Add a contribution in the (e.g. <bundle_name>: customer-bundle and <package_name>: customer-my-action):

public ClientActionPackageContribution <package_name>ClientActionPackageContribution() {
    return new ClientActionPackageContribution("<package_name>", "<bundle_name>");

Prefix the contribution with the <package_name>.

If necessary add implementation project(":core:rest:client") to build.gradle and requires; to