This is an internal documentation. There is a good chance you’re looking for something else. See Disclaimer.

External Dependencies

NPM dependencies should only be added to the root package.json if they are required in multiple packages. Otherwise, add them in the package where they are used.


The scheduler package is using the fullcalendar package (

This package will be renewed every year around 12. January.

To renew the license key execute following steps:

  • update fullcalendar_license_key variable in ansible secrets2.yaml and set current version in above comment

  • update FULL_CALENDAR_LICENCE variable in CI/CD Pipelines on gitlab

  • inform other devs (e.g. inside #technick slack channel) to update their .env file as well

Update client dependencies on a regular basis

The command yarn outdated lists all dependencies with new versions available. Run this for all of our packages and update each dependency that gets listed to its latest version. Run a quick test to see if there are any obvious errors after the upgrade and commit each upgrade on its own. Feel free to group the different commits into a few sensible merge requests. Any upgrade that takes considerable time to either implement due to API changes or fixing bugs after testing should be shelved and an issue in Jira should be created.