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Project Structure


tocco-client is a monorepo and uses Lerna and Yarn Workspaces.

All packages are located within the packages folder. Some export an independent react app, others act as a util package with components and helper functions. A package that export a self containing react app is called a tocco-app. These tocco-apps, in contrast to the util ones, can be released and are easily identified by the absent private flag in the package.json. Every package maintains its own dependencies and can be re-used in other packages. With all due caution against introducing circular dependencies! A description of each package can be found in its

Package Folder Structure

  • core

    • unpublished packages and utils

    • core packages should not have dependencies to other packages (apps, actions or widgets)

  • actions

    • unpublished and published actions, only published when used in legacy client

    • action packages can only have dependencies to widget and core packages

  • widgets

    • published widgets, can be used on external sites

    • widget packages can have dependencies to action and core packages

  • apps

    • published standalone apps (tocco-app)

    • app packages can have dependencies to all other packages

  • bundles

    • published package containing different packages

    • only dependencies to apps or widgets

Package Naming

Please ensure that every package is prefixed with tocco-

tocco-... naming is used in package.json; in folder structure tocco- prefix can be omitted.

Create New Package

A plop template can be used to create the essentials of a new package.

yarn plop Package {PACKAGE_NAME}

Add / Remove local or remote package as dependency:

yarn workspace tocco-{PACKAGE_NAME} add {DEPENDENCY}

yarn workspace tocco-{PACKAGE_NAME} remove {DEPENDENCY}