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There are two types of caches:

  • Object cache

  • Long term cache (localestorage)

The cache gets invalidated as soon as one of the dependencies has changed or a force invalidation takes place.

Only when “reload configuration action” has been invoked the cache gets forcefully invalidated.

The cache gets initialised on app mount and only re-initialised on:

  • business unit change

  • login via username/password

  • login via SSO

Object cache

Data that depends on:

  • user / username

  • business unit

  • locale

  • revision

Object cache is isolated per app instance and will get lost on page refresh.

Object cache contains:

  • entity model

  • form model

  • displays

Long term cache

Data that depends on:

  • revision

Long term cache is shared across apps within the same domain.

Long term cache contains:

  • text resources by locale

  • sso available indicator

  • available locales