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Error Handling

React Error Boundaries

For further information see official documentation.

  • Only the bigger/core UI sections are wrapped in error boundaries (e.g. Navgiation, Searchpanel).

  • The user should be able to partially use Tocco when an error occured.

When an error occured during render cycle the error boundaries will catch those and

  • log to console

  • log to remote

  • show notification to user

  • show fallback component instead



Ensure that errorLogging.addToStore is properly set up in main.js of your app.


The error boundary is in the errorLogging module in tocco-app-extensions and can therefore not be used inside tocco-ui.

import {errorLogging} from 'tocco-app-extensions'

const MyComp = () => (

Currently we use the error boundaries in following scenarios:

  • Navigation

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Entity List

    • List

    • Searchpanel

    • Action Bar

  • Entity Detail

    • Detail

    • Relation

  • Dashboard

    • Info Box

  • Resource Calendar

    • Calendar View

    • Sidepanel